The SOA was formed with the aim of stimulating economic growth in Scotland through the knowledge, manufacture and application of Optoelectronics.

The key objectives of the SOA are:

  • To actively promote the interests of the Optoelectronics Industry and members through local, national and international representation;
  •  To provide strategic guidance to government and other public sector bodies on industry priorities and allocation of funds;
  •  To support the growth of the Optoelectronics industry in Scotland and foster innovation in the field;
  • To maintain the viability and vibrancy of the SOA.

In order to promote Scottish Optoelectronics locally, nationally and internationally the SOA:

  • Works with other associations in Scotland and internationally, including Technology Scotland, NMI, EPIC and ScotlandIS;
  • Participates in the International Optoelectronics Association;
  • Hosts and supports Optoelectronics events, workshops and conferences in Scotland, the UK and abroad.

Optoelectronics in Scotland is a strong and thriving industry, with a range of large Multinational and large indigenous companies, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups.

Scottish academia and research in Optoelectronics is similarly strong, with over 400 researchers and 12 Universities currently engaged in research.