The SOA is a dynamic, community led organisation managed by Technology Scotland. With a strong history of supporting Optoelectronics in Scotland, becoming a member of the SOA brings numerous benefits, such as:

• Inclusion in the SOA member directory and all documentation
• Access to valuable Optoelectronics reports and documents
• Funding and grant signposting
• Participation in SOA activities, workshops, events and networking opportunities

To become a member, organisations must first sign up to Technology Scotland. Once completed, Technology Scotland members can join the SOA and a range of other Special Interest Groups at no additional cost.

SOA membership is open to any Technology Scotland member with an interest in the Scottish Optoelectronics community. Our fees are highly competitive and reflect a unique opportunity to be part of Scotland’s flourishing KET community, including Optoelectronics. To join, please visit the Technology Scotland website to sign up online.

Tier/organisation size Membership Fee
Individual £150
University Dept. £500
Research Organisation £500
Micro (1-10) £300
Small (11-50) £1000
Medium (51-250) £2000
Large (>250) £3000
Community Membership £0